VIDEO: Boosted 1,000 HP Holden Wagon

Our friends from Down Under never fail to deliver, as FullBoost hosts yet another video featuring boosted Aussie muscle. In this case, it’s a 2000 Holden Commodore VT Berlina. Essentially, an older, wagon version of the Monaro coupe that Americans enjoyed as their Pontiac GTO from 2004-2006.

Like our CTS-V wagon or the Dodge boy’s with their SRT8 Magnum, the Aussie Berlina was available with a very modifiable V8 engine from the factory. In this instance, it was equipped with one of the very first LS1s – generating a detuned 300 hp in Holden-spec. Base model Commodores and Monaros received the same supercharged L67 3.8L V6 that was found in our FWD W-bodies here in the States.

This particular example, however, is powered by a turbocharged, 402 ci. LQ9-based block, and produces as near as makes no difference, 700-plus rwkw, or roughly, 1,000 rwhp. The foundation of which includes a Lunati stroker crank, a custom-grind Crower camshaft, AFR heads and is topped off with a Holley Hi-Ram intake and throttle body.

Naturally, it take a bit more to generate 1000 rwhp from an LS-based 402, so the recipe also includes a Garrett GTX45R turbocharger cranking out 20-psi. of boost, and is paired with a Tunnel Vision custom housing, downpipe and a twin 3-inch exhaust system. The combination runs on pump E85 fuel and was tuned by Sass Automotive.

The boosted mill is backed by a Preston Auto TH400 gearbox and a TCE 3000 rpm stall torque converter, while a billet IRS houses a Preston-modified TruTrac differential and 3.45 gears in the rearend. With a 4950-lb. curb weight, the family hauler has produced a best elapsed time of 9.07 at 159!

We have a deep-rooted appreciation for under-appreciated and little-known performance vehicles. With such an usual combination running times as quick as these with so much working against it, this Berlina wagon can certainly be categorized as a 10-1 underdog overcoming adversity.

Holden Wagon-4


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