Video: Battle Between 1200-HP Corvette And Dodge Hot Rod

The boys over at Hoonigan are some of the most well-known and beloved figures in the car community. Their extravagant cars and videos of them racing around cities in cars like the Hoonicorn have garnered so much love and attention from fans that it has turned their online presence into an online empire. Expansion also seems to be a key feature in the equation of their success, this is best represented by shows such as This vs That in which they put some of the coolest cars around against each other in a head-to-head drag race to determine which is faster.

In this episode of the beloved fan favorite, we have a beautiful red Corvette pushing out a whopping 1,200-horsepower. In corner two stands an American hot rod legend, one 1927 Dodge Brothers Lunch Money hot rod. Both cars have respectable numbers in terms of performance, however, the ‘Vette takes the cake in terms of sheer horsepower numbers with the Corvette sending 1,200-horsepower to the wheels and the hot rod sporting ‘just’ HP Tuners-calibrated 600-horsepower in comparison. With such a large difference in horsepower one might suspect that the ‘Vette could walk away with no problem, however, the hot rod also weighs about 800lbs less so the question of “who’s fastest?” could be anyone’s guess.

Under the hood the Corvette sports a twin-turbo 427ci LSX connected to a two-speed automatic Powerglide transmission pushing all of that power to the rear wheels. The hot rod is also packing a twin-turbo set-up which helps the 388ci LS engine to achieve that aforementioned 600 horses. Transferring power to the rear wheels we have an ATI ProGlide PowerGlide transmission and the car is guided by hand controls due to the owner’s wheelchair bound condition.

As for who’s faster, the answer becomes clear when it comes time to race. Our friend in the hot rod beat the Corvette in both the first and second races, each by at least 1-2 car lengths. The Corvette’s owner’s excuse was that his traction control was off and the entire time the whole crew was going on about how “the Corvette was clearly a faster car”. So they did one more pass and switched lanes to compensate for the lack of traction, and guess what the hot rod one. Despite being a seemingly slower car on paper, the hot rod took the cake every time, so it’s safe to say that no, the Corvette was not clearly the faster car.

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