VIDEO: Auto-Swapped and Cammed Z06

Out at Cecil County Dragway in Rising Sun, Maryland, the BigKleib34 crew stumbled across a pretty nasty Z06 and this monster carries a few unexpected surprises. The car’s owner, Cody, has a Z06 with some muscle in the engine and a new drivetrain, and he’s coming after the record breakers.

While this Z06 is a “N/T”, or no time, car, you can safely bet that it’s moving down the track throughout the day and night. Cody explains in the video’s comments that he was making a shake-down pass off idle, and it eats the car’s potential, and the other reason being that the he did not want to be kicked out of the track for not having a cage, understandable. Cody also goes on to explain that he was making 9.70 E.T. 1/4-mile passes off idle that day; so basically, he wasn’t launching the car, and it could still eat your lunch.

The lack of times seem to have distracted the good people of the internet from the fact that this C6Z is sick. Giving the Corvette C6 Z06 the power to zip down the track like that is a heads and cam packaged installed by Race Proven Motorsports. The C6Z also has a nitrous kit, but details are a little fuzzy on the system itself, or how Cody used it during the passes. Without the help of nitrous, the “EGOCHKR” (Ego Checker) throws down 603 RWHP and 507 RWTQ, SAE corrected through the auto with the converter locked.

Speaking of converters, since no C6Z came with an automatic transmission from the factory, Cody enlisted the help of RPM Transmissions’ Level X 4L60e automatic trans to make this Corvette run as consistently as possible.

It rides on F14 Drag Pack Forgestar 11-inch wide wheels and fat tires to keep it planted while Cody is working on snatching stock bottom end records in his C6Z. The build seems to have been completed in late April, so expect to hear a lot more about this beast as it gets dialed in over the summer!

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