Video: A Look Behind the Scenes of Corvette C8 Design Development

GM designers completely knocked it out of the park with the redesign of the Corvette for the 8th-generation. The new looks were largely out of necessity to accommodate the most radical drivetrain change the moniker had ever seen, but at the same time, put a big order on the plate of developers. In a new series from Chevrolet, “Revolution: The Mid-Engine Corvette Development Story”, the curtains are pulled back on the designing of the Corvette C8, from the artists themselves.

“We hope the documentary will be priceless in the eyes of our Corvette fans and owners,” says Chevy spokesperson Trevor Thompkins said.

Former Director of Exterior Design at GM Performance Car Studio, Tom Peters, recalls the beginning of his involvement with the Corvette. Peters has been involved with the Corvette for many years, and became the Director of Design for Corvette beginning for the sixth-generation. Maintaining the elements of the heritage of the Corvette, so loyalists could continue to connect and identify with the car, are key characteristics he keeps in mind during design.

As you gaze upon the striking side profile of the cars, you’ll find it of no shock that aircrafts have had a design influence on the ‘Vette, using elements to help the car look like a fighter jet on wheels. Racing is another heavy influence of the Corvette, especially in the latest makeover.

The decision to move to mid-engine came from the realization that the team had optimized the prior platform as much as possible. Although there have been attempts at making a mid-engine Corvette several times in the brand’s history, building the C8 was a ground-up endeavor.

Research and experimenting with the mid-engine did provide some familiarity when it came time to start serious discussions about the move, which began around 2011. Three full-size clay models would take duty as the guinea pigs to figure out what worked with the new engine platform, in both functionality and design.

With many years of development, and major and minor tweaks of the design, the team was able to achieve everything they set out to accomplish.

“The first ever mid-engine Corvette Stingray is an incredibly special sports car, and our team was aware of this from the start,” said Trevor Thompkins, a Chevy spokesman. “We decided to record elements of the vehicle’s development and conversations with team members for GM’s archives.”

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