VIDEO: 2018 Z/28 Crash During Track Testing

We love the 2018 Camaro Z/28, and on any given day, we dig for any reason we can find to talk about it. This week has been like Christmas to us, first we got to check out some spy photos, then a video came out of it roaming the streets, but we’re not really excited about what we have to pass along today. The Z/28 has officially been crashed!

As time gets closer for the official unveiling of what’s already one of our favorite upcoming vehicles for 2018, GM is bringing the sixth-generation Z/28 out for real life and track testing. As it sheds it’s massive super secret ‘no spies allowed’ car cover for Nurburgring testing this week, we can actually get a pretty good idea what it looks like. Even though the camo is stripped all the way down to the psychedelic wrap, we still have no idea what powers it, what’s backing it, or what suspension it’s even riding on. What we do know is that it can take a high speed meeting with a guard rail like a champ!

Despite all of the aero work, presumably top tier suspension, and probably really great brakes, the driver tanked it pretty hard coming out of a turn on the Nurburgring. While this hurt our hearts a little to watch, we’re more curious about the crash than anything. It doesn’t seem likely that it was intentional, but that’s one scenario flying around. The other theory is that the driver came out of the turn too wide, and overcorrected. Honestly, we’re not really sure what happened. Without an official statement from GM, we’re not going to speculate about the cause.

We do know that it wasn’t a very graceful tap, but the driver and passenger seemed fine. The Z/28 was quickly covered and rolled up onto its trailer, likely ending the testing for the week. Its bumper cover and fender don’t look very healthy, but the car still appears to run just fine.

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