Video: 2000hp CTS-V Resets World Record

The Cadillac CTS-V is already a special creature on its own. From the factory, it’s pushing out an already incredible 500- horsepower, making the the CTS-V is a supercar slayer in disguise. However the need for more power and greater speed is as American as apple pie, and so it was fulfilled. This particular example by Pure Fabrication show how American engineering and ingenuity is certainly exceptional. Within the confines of the engine bay of this behemoth sits a 7.0-liter V8 combined with a 94mm second-gen Garrett turbo spewing out 26 pounds of boost, that’s a lot of boost! To say the least, the 2033-horsepower this thing is packing is monstrous.

The owner has just set a world record with the car boasting a proud 5.38s in the 8th mile or around 7-seconds in the quarter. The Cadillac CTS-V was Caddy’s was of resurrecting the brand from the cold dark ashes of being a ‘Grandma’ car that so many other brands have fallen victim to. Needless to say that it works, it got all the youngsters interested in these cars again and made the Cadillac nameplate return to its former glory.

Because of this, the CTS-V was the perfect platform to start building a drag car. It already came with an LS, shared with a C5 Z06, and transmission from the same car but that just wasn’t good enough. So after some careful planning, the engine was ripped out of that bay and replaced with a blazing 7.0-liter V8.

After the swap, it was given an 88mm turbo, which when combined with the engine, only put out a measly 14700-hp (of course we’re joking). Thankfully this beautiful machine was freed from its mechanical chains with the turbo being swapped to a 94mm 26psi 2nd-gen Garret turbo, that brought the power up to a worthy 2033-horsepower.

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