VIDEO: AAP’S Outlaw V6 Corvette is a Game Changer

You would probably never guess this, but the world’s fastest 10.5 tire car is a Corvette equipped with a big block V6 engine. Al Anabi Performance (AAP) and KH Race Engines are pushing the boundaries and breaking some incredible records with an unexpected track killer in Qatar.

This V6 Corvette represents seven years’ worth of engineering, and the finished product will blow you away. The engine powering the C6 Corvette is a 549ci V6 with two Precision 98mm turbos.

Al Anabi Performance owner, Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al-Thani, talked to Alan Johnson quite a few years back about the project. They were both heavily enthralled in the world of drag racing, and wanted to make something different — so the KH Series V6 was born. The 5300 Hemi engine block and heads are made from billet, so creating the engine is just a matter of CNC machining. The block has a 5.300” bore, which is much wider than the 4.84” spacing of a big block Chevy.

Only a few of these unique big block V6 engines were made for KPP, and one can be found in the Outlaw 10.5 C6 Corvette. Proline Racing in Ball Ground, GA installed the engine in the Jerry Bickel built Corvette that has a back-half chassis and can be run in Outlaw 10.5 or Radial classes. They are also responsible for the twin-turbo system and installed the FuelTech 500 fuel injection system to get it fired up. Tuning mastermind Steve Perry then worked his magic on the calibration and power management systems. The horsepower figures likely hover in the 3,000 horsepower range, based on the Corvette’s performance on the track.

Once it was done at Proline, the Corvette was flown overseas for testing at the Qatar Racing Club in Doha. Driver Moe Atat was charged with manning the beast during the Arabian Drag Racing League season when it made its debut during the 2015/2016 season. By the end of the season, it was breaking Outlaw 10.5 records with an E/T of 3.87 at almost 200 mph during an 1/8 mile run — this is still the current record.


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