UMI Releases C5/C6 Brake Conversion for G-Body


UMI Performance, a leader in suspension parts is proud to announce their Corvette C5/C6 front brake conversion kit for the 1978-88 G-Bodies. The puny front disc/rear drum brakes on your G-Body were barely adequate when they were new. For anyone making big power and/or wanting to take their car to a track day knows the brakes are an important part to upgrade. And with UMI Performance’s conversion kit you can now have legendary Corvette braking on your ride.

Official Release:

UMI’s 304647 hub, bearing and bracket kit adapts C5 or C6 brakes to your G-body Pro-Touring machine. The 3046 laser cut bracket bolts to the spindle and properly locates the C5/C6 abutment bracket and caliper. The Made in USA aluminum face mount hub along with premium bearings and seals completes the installation.

The hub features 5 x 4-1/2 and 5 x 4-3/4 bolt patterns and is intended to face mount the C5 or C6 brake rotor in exact factory location (front track width is unaffected). The kit includes premium bearing cups and cones along with the correct rawhide seal for great performance and reliability. The 304647 is the choice for UMI’s Green Machine and has been thoroughly tested to withstand road race and auto-x competition. 100% manufactured in USA as well as tested and raced out of Philipsburg, PA – USA.UMIPERFORMANCEGBODY


  • 100% built and designed in the USA
  • Tested and raced out of PA
  • Lightweight aluminum hubs face mount C5/C6 rotors in factory location
  • Intended for high-horsepower and road racing/auto-x applications
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