Modern Trans Am Super Duty Has New Drag Package That Packs Even More of a Punch

It was at the New York Auto Show in 2017 that Trans Am Worldwide officially unveiled its modernized Trans Am Super Duty to the world for the first time. Now, a year later at the same event, they are showing the world that they weren’t done there with the Super Duty potential. They have managed to unlock even more power from their already monstrous Super Duty in a version that made its public appearance last week. The special drag package brings the horsepower to over 1,100 ponies, and the SD has the capacity of churning out an 8.7 second 1/4-mile.

To recap from last year’s unveiling, the modern Trans Am Super Duty was made using a Chevy Camaro as the donor vehicle, and they pretty much changed everything about it, like they do with all their modern Trans Am vehicles. Trans Am Worldwide then gave the car a 7.5-liter engine that made 1,000-horsepower and 1,046 lbs-ft of torque. In order to keep weight minimal, the company gave the car carbon fiber fenders, hood, front and rear fascia, and trunk lid. They also added the t-top option that the modern Camaro’s don’t have.

Now as far as the drag package goes, it’s more than just a little extra power to get it moving, they’ve made it a plug-and-play track car. This new version runs on racing gas and has methanol injection, which helps to boost the output. An eight-speed automatic transmission is about tapped out with the power it’s taking now, and a roll cage and five-point harness adds to the safety features of the car.

The drag ready car also includes a Strange 9” rearend, Weld wheels, and Eibach springs. It will come with a parachute that hides behind the license place. The company expects the Trans Am Super Duty drag package to take the car into the low 9 second range, if not the 8s.

The new drag package is an off-the-line option from Trans Am Worldwide, and will run you about $190,000 if you want to buy one. The less expensive Outlaw Edition Trans Am is powered by a 602-horsepower supercharged 6.2-liter engine. The Outlaw doesn’t offer as much jolting horsepower, but it’ll get you into a sweet modern Trans Am.

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