Top Five 6th Gen Camaros of SEMA 2016


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We Pick our Top Five 6th Gen Camaros from SEMA 2016

The 2016 SEMA Show is here and after the first day, one thing is apparent:  The 6th-Generation Chevrolet Camaro is a big hit! All kinds of aftermarket companies, from all across the country, are utilizing them as showpieces for their booths, and highlighting their products.

All of the cars on this list feature some form of forced induction. Owners are installing superchagers, both roots and centrifugal type, as well as turbocharging systems.  Some of these systems, such as the Magnuson Heartbeat, come with a three-year 36,000 mile drive train warranty.

We were instructed to compile a list of our five favorite Camaros.  This proved to be no easy task considering the amount of high caliber examples presented.  Thankfully we were just picking 6th-Gens, because all generations had multiple examples of high quality builds showcasing many different products.

After much deliberation, we broke them down to our top five, which are presented in no particular order:

1. Stainless Steel Wrapped SLP-Blown SS

We spotted this car in SLP‘s booth.¬† It has a full complement of¬†carbon fiber pieces, which include a¬†front fascia¬†extension, side skirts, lower rear panel, spoiler, roof overlay and vented hood.¬† Adding to the look is a set of¬†aftermarket wheels painted bright red.

Under the hood¬†sits the¬†GM LT1 topped with SLP’s roots style supercharger and¬†a Blackwing intake. This gives the bare metal wrapped Camaro more than 500 horsepower at the wheels.

2. 2016 Lingenfelter Supercharged SS


Lingenfelter Performance Engineering needs no introduction, they have been a¬†leader in¬†Camaro performance for years.¬† Their entry retains the sportiness of the factory lines and complements them with Forgeline¬†split five spoke wheels wrapped in Continental rubber, and¬†styling on the side that looks like an evolution of the famous “hocky stick” graphic.

It wouldn’t be Lingenfelter if it didn’t have more power, and this Camaro definitely fits the bill with the addition of a Magnuson Heartbeat TVS2300 supercharger paired with a high flow intake. Giving it a deeper bark to match its bite is a Borla exhaust. These pieces combined with custom dyno calibration¬† form a package that produces 630 horsepower and 600 ft lbs of torque.

3. Armageddon Twin Turbo SS


This car makes more horsepower than the first two combined! Armageddon Turbo Systems used a forged 378ci engine breathed on by twin Garrett GTX3582R turbochargers, combined with port injection upgrades, to produce 1500 horsepower!

Styling is a sinister all black look that retains the factory lines with the exception of aftermarket wheels and tires. Even with its subtle appearance it still looks menacing, and did we mention, it has 1500 horsepower!


4. RK Sport SS


It features most, if not all, of their offerings for the new Camaro. Staring at the front is a carbon fiber front splitter, above that is a carbon ram air hood and heat extractor.  Along the sides are carbon rocker panels, while above the a carbon overlay covers the roof, and antenna.  A carbon spoiler and diffuser finish up the rear of the car.

This car also features a number of other cosmetic upgrades, including Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs which bring the car closer to the FGO 2.1 22 inch wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes 4 tires. Lighting the way are custom HID projectors with Diode Dynamics RGBW Demon Eyes and RGBWA DRLs.  Inside the cabin, a Roadwire leather interior can be found, with Tintman Ceramic window film protecting it from the sun.

Under the hood is a Whipple W175AX 2.9 Liter Supercharger, and further back is a Corsa Performance Xtreme axle back exhaust. This setup is brought in check by a Cunningham Motorsports custom tune

5. Extreme Dimensions Wide Body SS


The first elements to catch the eye are the bright blue paint over the widened front and rear wheel openings. Carbon fiber is used for the front splitter, hood, and rear wing. Deep offset Infinitewerks wheels fill widened fender arches when laid flat by a Vera air suspension system.

Inside the engine bay, sits the first Vortech Superchargers unit for the 6th generation, and is backed by a Kooks exhaust. Engine calibration is handeled by an AEM engine management unit.

As you can see, day one of SEMA 2016 has shown some impressive 6th-generation Camaros.¬† As I write this, I can hear the sound of modified engines rumbling back and fourth in traffic 21 floors below me. ¬†I can’t help but wonder,¬†what day two will bring?

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