Thieves Smash Z/28 Through Dealership Window


Remember the 2000 film, Gone in 60 Seconds? Who can forget, right? Apparently, a would-be thief took note from that Nicholas Cage movie and smashed a brand new Z/28 through the glass doors of a Chevrolet dealership in Seattle. Using an unnamed blunt object  to break through the doors to gain entry, and stealing the keys out of the key locker, the thief helped themselves to the special edition Camaro in a seemingly play-by-play act right out of the movie.

According to The Seattle Times and Jalopnik, a passing security guard called local officials after discovering the damage to the dealership. The $75,000 Camaro was found just a few blocks away in a local driveway, badly damaged, with the suspect nowhere in sight. Obviously, Bill Pierre Chevrolet, the dealership who suffered the break-in, has nothing left but a badly damaged, ultra-rare, and very expensive Camaro, ruined front doors to their facility, and skid marks left on the floor.

The Z/28 would make an excellent getaway car, packing a 505 hp LS7 from the C6 Z06, an amazing suspension system that was designed using components from a Formula 1 car and some of the largest ceramic coated Brembo brakes that you can get your hands on – a set that’s also found in the upcoming C7 Corvette Z06! It’s one of the fastest factory track-focused cars that you can get your hands on!

Police are searching  for the suspect as of this writing. When will thieves learn that crime doesn’t pay?

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