The Lingenfelter Collection Hosts their Fall Charity Open House: 2015

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We Pay a Visit to Lingenfelter Performance for their Fall Charity Open House

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is world-reknown for engineering some of the fastest and highest-profile cars around, as well as making hardware that other shops and car builders can use. Based in Brighton, Michigan with two additional separate locations pumping out modified hot rods and crate engines, Lingenfelter Performance also lays claim to one of the most impressive car collections in the Midwest; the Lingenfelter Collection.

Owned and complied by Ken Lingenfelter, it features plenty of high-end collectible musclecars, fully-built late-model Camaros, Corvettes and Firebirds, as well as some very rare and rather unique, unmolested classic and late-model iron. If you’re into motorcycles and super high-end European exotics (Veyron, LaFerrari, etc.), the Lingenfelter Collection has plenty of those, too!

Recently we paid a visit to the Lingenfelter Collection, during a charity benefit held on October 3rd for Breast Cancer Awareness as a way to show support for the cause. Held inside the facility that houses the collection, over 200 beautiful cars were on display for attendees to admire. Refreshments were on-hand, naturally, as not only was the outside parking lot jam-packed with visitor vehicles, but even both sides of the street leading up to the facility and neighboring parking areas left many walking a block or two just to enter the building.

Ken was in attendance, even starting up some of the cars that were in display – including his Ferrari Enzo and the aforementioned LaFerrari. It was quite a treat to those who rarely get to catch a glimpse of cars like these in the wild, and not only did it bring plenty of donating attendees, but plenty of children who will ultimately become the next generation of car enthusiasts! If you’ve never visited the Lingenfelter Collection, you owe it to yourself to do so!

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