Summit Racing Headlight Conversions — Perfect for That RAD-era Performance Car

In the year 2020, one of the hottest trends is everything ’80s retro — and for good reasons. That’s not limited to pop culture, either, as many of our favored throwback performance machines, like G-bodies and third-generation F-bodies are suddenly in vogue again. While throwback performance machines are the in-thing, there are some technical shortcomings that they suffer from.

Modern conveniences that we’ve become accustomed to in more modern iron, for example, being able to see at night while driving. The old school Halogens just can’t produce the amount of light needed, on a low beam setting, to illuminate the road to the level needed. Summit Racing is offering a modern, affordable and easy to install solution to this problem.

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Summit Racing Headlight Conversions

Your car is running great and looking fine—except for the road in front of you, which you can barely see at night. Fix that with a Summit Racing Headlight Conversion Kit. These DOT/SAE-compliant conversion kits have high-power 55/60 watt halogen bulbs and glass lenses, and are available in 7 inch round or 7 x 6 inch rectangular versions.

Brighten up your headlamps and get a fresh, new look with Summit Racing headlight conversions. They’re DOT/SAE compliant and feature a glass lens for superior illumination and longevity. All light assemblies come complete with a halogen bulb and dust cover installed. Easily replace those worn-out headlamps with Summit Racing headlight conversions. Refer to Applications tab to confirm fitment.


  • Increase visibility at night
  • DOT/SAE compliant
  • Glass lens — not plastic –for superior illumination and longevity
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