STS Ball Bearing Turbochargers, Journal Bearing Turbochargers, and Frostbite Intercoolers

These days, it seems like boost and LS engines just go together. It’s a wonder they never offered a turbocharged LS from the factory, but thankfully, our friends in the aftermarket are rectifying that. In a recent news release form our friends at Holley Performance, STS Turbo is now offering ball bearing, and journal bearing turbochargers.

In addition, sister brand Frostbite, has just launched a line of intercoolers to coincide with your STS snail. We have the full release from Holley below.

Official Release:

STS Ball Bearing Turbochargers, Journal Bearing Turbochargers, and Frostbite Intercoolers

STS Ball Bearing Turbochargers spool quickly, build boost at low RPM, and increase power throughout your entire power band. A universal design compatible with virtually any application and easily mounted almost anywhere, their oil-cooled ball-bearing design delivers faster response, reduced turbo lag, and lower internal oiling temperatures than journal-bearing models. They feature high-strength aluminum compressor housings and lightweight Inconel turbine wheels with high nickel-alloy housings for superior strength at high RPM.

STS Journal Bearing Turbochargers, the same turbos used in STS Turbo Systems, are now available individually in numerous sizes to accommodate countless applications. An affordable way to build power in either a single- or dual-turbo setup, they can be mounted almost anywhere and serve as the basis for a powerful, reliable, efficient system. STS Journal Bearing Turbochargers feature optimized T3/T4 housing combinations for maximum performance and 100% cartridge balancing for smooth operation.

Frostbite Intercoolers bring efficiency, durably and affordability to any turbocharger system. Available in both 2.5-inch and 3-inch inlet/outlet configurations in your choice of a polished-aluminum or black-painted finish, these universal air-to-air intercoolers come in 18 unique size and finish variations in the most popular sizes and feature all-aluminum construction, welded-on universal mounting bungs, and slip-fit inlets and outlets.

For full product details and a complete array of savable high-resolution photos (click image until you reach the largest size, and then right-click the image and click “Save As”), click the following links:

•  STS Ball Bearing Turbochargers
•  STS Journal Bearing Turbochargers
•  Frostbite Intercoolers

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