Stolen 1992 Camaro RS Recovered After 15 Years

STOLENRS-1One of the biggest nightmares a car enthusiast can face is having their pride and joy stolen. Whether it’s a brand new Corvette or a classic Buick Grand National, the last thing you want to see is your car missing from the spot you’ve last left it. Unfortunately as long as there is a need for car parts, a getaway vehicle, an overseas buyer’s desire for American iron or a brief sense of adventure, car thieves are going to be around for a long time.

Such is the case with a 1992 Camaro RS 25th Anniversary Edition, that was stolen from a now-defunct Tampa, Florida car dealership on September 26, 1999. While the case has went unsolved over the last 15 years, the Camaro has resurfaced thanks to a recent operation searching for stolen cars on behalf of Tampa-area police.

Found submerged in 10-feet of water in a New Port Richey lake, the 22-year old Camaro is in rough shape, and obviously, will need a complete restoration. The joyrider(s) in question apparently had just ghost ridden the Camaro into the lake after they had their fun, as the shifter can be seen still located in the Drive gear – probably seized in place as a result of sitting in water for 15 years.

At the moment it resides in a nearby towing yard; Smith Collision Services. Once employee, Michael Smith, claims that the car will more than likely be shipped off to a junkyard, although he admits that they will sell it off if somebody were interested.

STOLENRS-2Apparently, there is already one man stepping up, Brian Ferrani, of C&C Rod Shop. Saying that the car is essentially “new, and well-preserved,” he’s interested in doing a complete restoration – of which he expects would take 1,500 man-hours and around $35,000.

Despite the relatively low production numbers of these 25th-Anniversary cars, and the growing popularity of the third-generation F-body in general, we can’t see anyone paying that kind of cash for one of these cars just yet. Maybe in twenty years? Keeping in mind that this is a mid-range RS model, and not the more-coveted Z28 with the tall-deck spoiler and available 350ci. L98 powerplant, at best, it has a 305 TBI mill under the hood – not the sexiest engine under the sun. As much as we love seeing old cars like this saved, or brought back to life, we think whoever buys this one has their work cut out for them.

You can watch the video and see the original story from Tampa Bay News 9 here.

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