VIDEO: TVS2300 Supercharged Heads/Cam 2015 Chevy SS Sleeper

When this 2015 LS3 powered Chevy SS was brought home, it didn’t last a month before getting some serious upgrades. So in steps the expert builders of PCM of NC to take the LS3 automatic with 340 RWHP and 344 ft.-lbs. of torque to a new level. What started off as a healthy engine build has ended up as a project with almost double the power.

The first order of business was to add a stealthy, custom PCM of NC camshaft, Advanced Induction cylinder heads, ported intake, KOOKS Headers exhaust, and a Roto-Fab LLC cold air intake. This first round of modifications gave the sedan a satisfying 120 horsepower pickup at the wheels, with 86 ft.-lbs. more of torque to end up at 460 RWHP & 430 ft.-lbs of Torque. A slightly higher stall torque converter by Yank Performance Converters was thrown in to compliment the engine work — keeping drivability with the added power was a priority!

It only took about a year for this heads/cam setup to leave the owner wanting for more horsepower — so it was time to take the Chevy SS from a bad street car, to super sleeper monster! To feed the addiction, the build was going to get a major boost (figuratively and actually) from a Magnuson TVS2300 Heartbeat Supercharger kit.

This particular blower kit is meant to be installed on a LS3 Camaro, so there was a certain level of customization involved to make it work. On only 7.5 lbs of boost, this serious daily driver ended up picking up 182 RWHP. This ridiculously fast Chevy SS now rolls around with 642 RWP & 542 ft.-lbs of torque — so beware before you test one that’s red with dark window tint, especially if you live in North Carolina.

We suspect that this may be enough power to satisfy the owner’s thirst for more power, but we’ll keep you updated should he return to PCM of NC looking for another fix.

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