Shop Owner Crashes Non-Street Legal Camaro While Showing Off

A high performance shop owner in Katy, Texas, was taking a fourth-gen Chevy Camaro for a joyride when things took a turn for the worst. The Camaro was not a street legal vehicle with big race slicks and lack of license plates, and in the video it appears to have a chute on the back. Despite the lack of street legal equipment, the 50-year old shop owner decided to take it out for a spin, anyway.

That spin didn’t last long after the man lost control and struck a guard rail. Police on the scene determined that the vehicle crashed due to a high rate of speed. A Lifeflight helicopter was dispatched, and the man was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was listed in serious condition.

According to the comments posted in CoveringKaty, those who know the driver say he is now stable and expected to make a full recovery. The plan was for the man to “rev it up and show off” – in typical fashion. However, he threw it in gear and took off during a rumored dyno event being held at the shop. A combination of a cool street surface and possibly not enough heat in the racing slicks could be at fault, although not officially determined.Fourth Gen Chevy Camaro Crash

While we must express that we don’t condone such actions, many of us have survived some sketchy and downright scary moments in our cars. We are happy to hear that the shop owner is expected to be okay, and everyone here at GM EFI Magazine wish him a full recovery.




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