SEMA 2016: ProCharger’s STAGE II P-1SC for 6th-Gen Camaro SS


GM designed the 6th Generation Camaro¬†to not¬†only be¬†lighter than the previous generation, but stronger as well.¬† With an available 455 horsepower from the dealer the 2016 and newer SS models definitely aren’t lacking power output.

Even so, that hasn’t stopped owners from wanting more. As¬†many enthusiasts already know, ProCharger offers a centrifugal supercharger system for the 6th-Gen Camaro.¬† However, if even more power is wanted, a Stage II system with better intercooling is offered.

Official Release:

2016-17 Camaro SS (LT1) Stage II Intercooled System

The Stage II Intercooler has 756 cubic inches of cooling core capacity, over the 432 cubic inches of the HO Intercooler.  Both systems were designed to be the easiest Camaro supercharger system they have ever offered, taking only about 5-6 hours to install.  The pulley and 8-rib belt can be changed without removing the bracket or the supercharger as well.

sema16procharger-1An interesting fact about ProCharger is their power production, they are more often compared to turbochargers, than roots or screw-type blowers.  Part of how they are able to perform so well lies in the vehicles they are installed on.

Late-model vehicles now have transmissions with more gears than in times past.  This keeps centrifugal superchargers in their sweet spot by narrowing the RPM range when the transmission shifts.  The Procharger stays spinning at a higher RPM longer, and is able to deliver max boost to the engine quicker.

So if you’re on the hunt for more power¬†from your direct-injected LT1 powered Camaro, the Stage II P-1SC is a good choice, and it still offers the flexibility to upgrade and produce even more power down should the need arise in the future.


  • 170+ HP to otherwise Stock Motors with Stage II intercooler on 91-Octane Pump Gas.
  • P-1SC-1 Supercharger:¬† Patented and Proven Self-Contained Design Requires¬†NO External Oil Lines
  • Highly-Effective Air-to-Air Intercooler Design Delivers Coolest Charge Air Temperatures in the Industry
  • 3 Supercharger and Bracket Finish Options:¬† Polished, Satin, or Black
  • From P-1SC-1 up to F-1R (600-1225+HP)
  • Dedicated 8-rib Supercharger Drive System (7 psi)
  • 100% Reversible, No Permanent Modifications
  • Handheld Tuner Available


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