SEMA 2016: Edelbrock Presents New Gen V Performance Cylinder Heads


photos by: the author

We Take a Peek at the Latest LT Castings from Edelbrock Performance 

As the Generation-V GM V8 engines become more familiar, aftermarket companies are finding more ways to extract more power from them. Enter Edelbrock Performance, as they have expanded their lines of Performer RPM and Victor Jr. aluminum heads to cover 2014 and later Gen-V LT engines.  Out of the box these heads offer better flow characteristics over the factory offerings, while still providing room to further expand their performace if so desired.

Hard Specs:

Here are some highlights for the Edelbrock Performer RPM heads:

  • CNC ported chamber and port blending improves flow and assures consistency
  • 3/4″ thick deck improves strength in high horsepower applications
  • Thick port walls improve strength and allow for additional porting
  • Replace stock head in all respects (injectors, brackets, exhaust, rockers, valve covers, etc.)
  • Retains either LT-1 or LT-4 stock induction

The Victor Jr. heads offer a few more features when compared to the Performer RPM heads.

Here are some highlights for the Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads:

  • Valves rolled to 11.5° with 4.5° canted intake to improve high lift flow
  • Larger than stock valves with CNC porting to improve flow and consistency
  • Unique relocated exhaust exit unlocks flow potential over stock on both intake and exhaust
  • 3/4″ thick deck improves strength in high horsepower applications
  • Thick port walls improve strength and allow for additional porting
  • Stock rocker arms and valves are retained
  • Retains either LT-1 or LT-4 stock induction
  • Retains stock injection system

The Victor Jr. heads offer added features over the Performer RPM heads.  One feature is they can be ordered with Beryllium-Copper seats if so desired.  Another added feature is the relocated exhaust port.  Because of its location, factory or factory fitting manifolds or headers, will not work with these heads.  To remedy this problem, Kooks has made headers that fit the Victor Jr. heads for Camaro and Corvette applications.

If you’re in the market for a set of heads to bring more flow and horsepower to your Generation-V engine, Edelbrock has two good optioins for your engine.

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