Royal Purple Releases Max EZ Power Steering Fluid


When the Royal Purple brand is mentioned, you automatically think of high performance automotive lubrication/fluids. As a welcome addition to their offerings, they’re now including Max EZ, an advanced power steering fluid made to maximize life and performance of power steering systems.

The Max EZ power steering fluid is both compatible (can be mixed) with conventional power steering fluids and has excellent seal compatibility. This proprietary formula uses Synergic additive technology that is proven to promote a cooler system, smoother and quieter operation, and more efficiency. Learn more about the new power steering fluid line from Royal Purple below.

Official Release:

With driving season just around the corner, premium lubricant manufacturer, Royal Purple offers ultimate protection for enthusiasts hitting the street, track and trail with Max EZ® synthetic power steering fluid specialized for power steering systems in cars and trucks.

Max EZ is formulated with a blend of premium synthetic base oils and Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec additive technology. Synerlec creates a high-strength ionic bond with metal surfaces which provides unmatched oil film strength, further preventing metal to metal contact.  Also, Synerlec, along with the superior synthetic base oils, dramatically increase oxidative resistance of the fluid, even under the most severe operating conditions. This allows for greater wear protection, better system performance, and helps extend fluid and pump life.

Max EZ is also designed to handle the stresses of extreme off-roading and motorsports. The large heavy tires of off-roading trucks, and the high speed and lateral acceleration of track racing add tremendous load and heat to the power steering system and fluid. Even under extreme conditions, Max EZ ensures system components run cooler, quieter and longer while providing increased overall efficiency.

Royal Purple Max EZ is suitable for use in any car and truck hydraulic power steering systems and is compatible with any OEM and stock replacement power steering fluids. It is available in 12-ounce bottles and can be purchased at retailers nationwide and online.

For more information about Max EZ or Royal Purple’s complete line of lubricants, filters, fuel system treatments and coolant additives, please visit


  • Excellent wear protection
  • Promotes clean and efficient operation
  • Extends pump life
  • Longer lasting fluid
  • High temperature capabilities
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