Pre-Register Now for Holley LS Fest West 2018

LS Fest West, hosted at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, was scheduled as a result of there not being enough late model GM performance events on that side of the country. The east coast has been dominating that niche for many years with several events that offer different kinds of racing, shows, and dyno contests.

One of the most popular events is, of course, the Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green, KY. The location of the event is mainly due to Holley’s headquarters being nestled in the Corvette-dominant city. Last year, Holley heard your demands to expand the event to the other side of the country by adding a West to their docket for the springtime.

During its inaugural year in 2017, LS Fest West was the first opportunity people on the west portion of the country got to experience the celebration of all things LS, without having to cross the country to do so. For this year, the event is looking like it will be much bigger than 2017.

On the docket are drag races, drifting contests, autocross runs, and dyno showdowns that allow anything LS-powered off its leash to battle it out. They will also be bringing back the new off-road challenge, which is something that’s unique to the West springtime event.

So now, it’s that time of year again, time to start planning on which events you’re going to take your car to. If you’re an LS fan, Holley LS Fest and LS Fest West should already be at the top of your list, and now’s the time to get ready to go. Returning for its second year, pre-registration for LS Fest West is now open for May 4th-6th.

Register now here to join the celebration of GM’s incredible LS engines, as well as the current generation LT engines. We’ll see you in Vegas!

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