Redline Motorsports Gives Us a Peak of their New 6th-Gen Suspension


As with any OEM design much is designed around the vehicles based loads. However when the demand for power comes up so does the demand on the chassis. Redline Motorsports has been aggressively looking at where the weak links are on the GEN 6 camaro and the rear suspension has been deemed suspect. Therefore there R&D department went for the throat.

These are some early pictures of what late night implementing can yield. In talking to Howard Tanner, the owner at Redline Motorsports, we got a better look into what their mission was. “As with the prior GEN-5 model, many of the rear suspension arms will move under hard load,” Tanner stated. ”Our new 1.25-inch Chromoly trailing arms, toe rods, camber bar and upper control arms will stay exactly where they need to be with zero flex. No to mention all parts are fully adjustable which will be handy for both drag and road race setups.”

In addition to the stiffer arms Redline opted to ditch the single shock and coil spring for a more optimized coil over unit. “Again with control being the big factor we opted to develop a double adjustable coil over that can handle a big hit. We have great experience from drag racing in punishing a shock so we really thought hard on how to design these,” Tanner stated. All of this is also leading into their 15-inch brake conversion that will be setup to accept the new designed coil-over.

From our conversation, a front-adjustable coil-over is just about done and another complete setup for the road race guy is coming shortly as well.

Howard concluded, “All these parts are on our twin-turbo car so we will be confident when its released that fitment and shock valving will be on point. Our goal is to avoid the usual bang it out and not test it mentality and deliver parts that work.”

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