Real or Hoax; 6th-Gen Camaro Headlights For Sale on eBay!?


This is odd. Our friends at recently passed along this eBay ad depicting “2015 Camaro headlights” available for purchase through a seller on everyone’s favorite auction site. While it does list the headlights as 2015 housings, upon closer inspection something is clearly off.

First, you see the “CAMARO” script inside the lens. Nothing unusual, right? Current Camaros have that, too. True, but look closer; the “M” is shaped differently then the rest of the script. The 2010-2015 Camaro font is consistent with all lettering. Next, is the C7-inspired LED light that follows the bottom line of the housing. Fifth-gens don’t have those; 2015 or otherwise.

At first we thought this could be an aftermarket piece, which is all too common these days. But since when do aftermarket companies leave all of the GM identification labeling on the housing, complete with part numbers that don’t match those from the actual, OEM pieces? To top that off, the mounting brackets are inconstant with the current car’s units; we’ve searched vigorously, and even a search on eBay itself revealed a diagram showing that these headlights and those installed in today’s models are not one in the same.


Here’s a diagram of what the current Camaro headlight looks like. Quite different.

So what do we have here, a hoax? Is this a clever (and very well-made) Photoshop rendering? Are these several customized 2014-2015 housings? All of the details point otherwise. reached out to the seller who is an independent overseas distributor, and apparently, he didn’t seem to have a clue. We’ve reached out to the members of all of the late-model Camaro forums and nobody has seen these before or has an idea of what they are.

Did a batch of replacement headlights or factory components accidentally get shipped to the wrong address? We’ll find out soon enough!

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