Racetronix Releases New Quick-Disconnect Couplers

When it comes to working on cars, there is so much more that goes into them than larger components, or complete systems. It’s the little parts that will end up helping you complete a project, and pull everything together so it works properly. This is why Racetronix is a great source to look to when you need to finish a project; they are constantly adding new parts to their small parts lines.

Their new Quick-Disconnect Couplers are made to help you add inline devices to late model cars. This is useful when you need to use items like E85 sensors to your car that’s already equipped with quick-disconnect fittings from the factory. By using this part, you no longer need to add multiple hoses, adapters, or AN fittings. Installation is simple, and Racetronix makes these couplers out of high-quality parts. Learn more about them in the official release from Racetronix below.

Official Release:

Racetronix Quick-Disconnect Couplers

New Racetronix Quick-Disconnect Couplers make it easy to add in-line devices such as E85 sensors to late-model cars already equipped with factory quick-disconnect fittings. There is no need to use multiple adapters, AN fittings, and hoses. These adapters simplify installation, reduce cost and bulk.Female adapters feature our crescent-lock system which is superior to factory-style click-lock plastic retainers.

Made From:

5/16″ (8mm) and 3/8″ (10mm) male and female versions
Machined billet T6 anodized aluminum
Compact size
Viton seals
Full-flow design – consistent bore size through body
Crescent-lock system
Compatible with gas and E85
3/8″ (10mm)
5/16″ (8mm)


  • Quick-Disconnect Couplers Make Adding Inline Devices Easy
  • Made for Use on Late Model Cars with Factory Quick-Disconnect Fittings
  • High-Quality Construction and Easy to Install
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