Racetronix Releases New Fuel System Upgrade Kit for 98-02 F-Body

New Fuel System Kit By Racetronix

The fuel system for your LS1 is understated and under appreciated. It keep those cylinders firing, but the stock fuel system may not be offering the best flow and compatibility possible for your LS1. New fuel system upgrade kits from Racetronix allow you to upgrade the factory fuel system from the tank to the engine. These are made specifically for 1998 LS1 Camaros and Firebirds, and 1999-2002 LS1 Camaros and Firebirds.

Racetronix’s deluxe fuel line kit upgrades your fuel system and provides enough fuel to support over 1,200 horsepower applications. This system is ideal for almost any horsepower range since it gets rid of wearing and restricting factory fuel system components. It also makes the fuel system more Ethanol compatible to accommodate for the increasing amount of Ethanol in pump gas. Having to ever upgrade beyond this kit is unlikely.

This fuel system kit also moves the regulator to the engine compartment to eliminate pressure loss from the undersized factory unit in the fuel module. Conductive hoses support flow, reduces size and weight, eliminates fuel vapors, neutralizes static charges, and supports all kinds of fuels and fuel additives.

This kit includes:

  • Red or black billet anodized fuel rails
  • Black conductive PTFE Teflon™ stainless-braided hoses
  • Adjustable billet fuel pressure regulator
  • Liquid filled fuel pressure gauge
  • Billet fuel filter housing
  • 0-micron SS magnetic fuel filter element
  • Billet fuel filter mount
  • Racetronix Quick-Disconect hose fittings
  • ORB fittings and adapters

Learn more about the new LS1 fuel system by Racetronix at Racetronix.biz.

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