Racetronix Announces Siemens 220-lb/hr Low-Z Fuel Injectors

Our friends at Racetronix have been in the business of providing our GM powered vehicles with fuel system products for years, becoming one of the best trusted brands out there. In fact, some of our own project cars have been equipped with Racetronix hardware for quite some time, and we look forward to upgrading them again to sustain our increased power output.

Over the course of the last year or so, Racetronix has been adding new products to their inventory like there’s no tomorrow, and for good reason. New technology demands new products, and Racetronix is always quick to answer the call with quality products that work!

Official Release:

Racetronix Announces Siemens 220 lb/hr Low-Z Fuel Injector

This newly released injector from Continental (Siemens) is based on their CNG design with modifications better suited for use with gas and alcohol fuels. This injector flows 227.7 lb/hr using test gas. The Minitimer injector connector (sometimes referred to as ‘EV1 square’) can be found on many late-model G.M. (TPI, LT1, LS1, LS6) motors as well as being standard equipment on most aftermarket PCM harnesses.


All tests run with n-Heptane @ 20oC (+/-1oC), 3.0 Bar (+/-0.01 Bar), 14VDC (+/-0.05VDC), peak and hold drivers.

Injector flow rates are based on testing with n-Heptane test solvent (0.6855 g/ml). U.S. EPA emission test gasoline 40CFR86.113 (0.735g/ml) flows in most common injector designs at about a 3 to 4% higher rate than n-Heptane. A ratio of 1.035:1 can be used when converting the flow specifications above.

This low-impedance injector is designed to work with peak and hold injector drivers typically found in aftermarket ECM/PCMs as well as dedicated injector driver modules sold by Racetronix.

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