President of Cadillac, Johan de Nysschen, Slams AMG, M-Series and RS “Fanboys”


While it’s quite popular to share stories from one online source to another these days, we try our best to stay away from it – even if the clicks are undeniably going to be there. We typically hate to break our own rules, but when heard from our colleagues at Motor Trend that the President of Cadillac, Johan de Nysschen, not only publicly plugged the excellence of the new Caddy V-Series cars on his Facebook account (rightfully so), but slammed the “fanboys” of famous German marques, even we had to share it.

We’re not making this up, and neither is Motor Trend, apparently, as they have captured a screenshot for their readers to consume. We’ve featured it below, as well as the copied text from the post. To verify the post was indeed made by de Nysschen, we hit up his Facebook page, but as a result of his rapidly-growing-in-popularity status update, he has his profile locked down tighter that Ft. Knox. Despite that, you can read the actual assertion below.

“So we’ve been receiving a lot of commentary and opinion about the new Cadillac ATS- V and CTS- V models since we’ve announced our hyper- performance cars. The motoring press haven’t yet had an opportunity to thoroughly evaluate and color- in the speculation, which to date runs the spectrum from ill- informed prejudice to wide- eyed anticipation. To the Germanmobile fanboys out there- your worst nightmare has arrived. I’m not referring to horsepower. I’m not referring to torque. I’m not referring to acceleration times. In these areas, you already know that you’re whipped. No, I’m referring to driving dynamics. To handling, braking, steering, cornering. I predict there is a new Sheriff in town. Cadillac- V. The thoroughbred American muscle- car is back.”



If this doesn’t show the gutsy nature of the new Caddy Prez, then we don’t know what does. Evidently he’s quite confident in the products that he’s professionally responsible for. We also get the impression that whether or not there are more powerful sedans out there (cough, Hellcat), the V-series cars are truly in a league of their own. We just can’t wait to get our hands on them…

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