PCM of NC’s GMPP Harness Electric Fan Kit

gmppfan-500x500PCM of NC is one of the biggest names in LS-tuning; whether its a 2010 Camaro SS or an LS-swapped ’69 Camaro, they handle it all. With as many LS engine swaps that they perform, they have gone as far as creating their own components and accessories to making the job easier and more efficient. They’ve just announced this electric fan kit designed to work directly with the GMPP (Chevrolet Performance) harness. Designed with high performance aftermarket fans in mind, this will help with making your cooling system more efficient.

Official Release:

GM Performance Parts’ harnesses are great, but they leave something to be desired when it comes to the fan setup. Installing this kit allows your GMPP controller to control two fans in off, low speed, and high speed operation! Extra relays and fuses install in the GMPP fuse block for an OEM-looking install.

The GMPP harness Electric Fan Kit allows you to run powerful-high performance fans; such as Spal units. Comes with complete instructions on how to add harness into your fuseblock, and also a downloadable HP Tuners file to enable the fans in your control module!


  • OEM appearance
  • Comes with downloadable HP Tuners file
  • Compatible with aftermarket high-performance fans
  • Ability to control two fans in three adjustable settings
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