PCM of NC Now Offering LT1 Intake/Header Combo

As soon as the new, Gen-V LT1 engine became available to consumers in the C7 Corvette, the aftermarket jumped on the development of parts, right away. Over the last few years, things have been getting more and more impressive, in terms of performance, all thanks to the development of more efficient systems and upgrades for the LT1. We have seen big power builds, and we’re also starting to see massive gains from small upgrades.

A new intake/exhaust header combo has many people in the LT1 world talking, and it’s being offered by PCM of NC. This is an amazing package to get maximum gains, without ever having to crack open your engine. This package includes a Halltech Cold Air Intake, Kooks 1 7/8″ Headers with Cats, and dyno tuning. With these simple modifications, the shop took a stock 2017 Corvette with 414 RWHP and 416 RWTQ to new dyno numbers of 454 RWHP and 457 RWTQ. That’s an incredible gain of 40 horsepower to the wheels, and 41 ft-lbs of torque to the ground. Learn more about the package in the information from PCM of NC below.

Official Release:

New Intake and Exhaust Headers Help LT1 Corvettes See Massive Gains With Dyno Tuning

This Halltech Cold Air Intake is specifically made for the Gen-V GM LT1 engines, and helps the engine breathe deep, and get much cooler air coming into the intake manifold.

The use of Kooks 1 7/8″ Headers with Cats maximizes airflow leaving the engine, and helps to improve the exhaust note.

These are the results on paper; as you can see, the gains are instant and consistent across the board. The Corvette’s engine really woke up with a few bolt-ons and dyno tuning.


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  • 40 RWHP and 41 RWTQ Seen From Combo
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