Pace Performance Offers Simple LS Swap Engine/Trans Packages


Swapping out an entire powertrain can be a headache. Matching the perfect engine to the right transmission, to your specific application can get confusing. Then once you figure out what you need, piecing together the parts can get tricky, quick. Instead of going through the headache of it all, Pace Performance makes the job simple.

Pace Performance is offering complete engine and transmission packages that are put together by experts, and come with complete support. Before or after you order, their team can help you get your project moving with technical support.

The engines are brand new from Chevrolet. They are not rebuilt junkyard pulls; everything is completely new. That means no worn bearings, no old parts, nothing to worry about!

Transmissions in these packages are also new, there are several different ones available in the packages — including automatics and manuals. Each transmission has been picked to handle the engine it’s backing, so here’s where a big hunk of the guess work goes away. You’ll have painless operation without worrying about failure.

Both the engine and transmission come with all accessories needed to make them work, with the exception of a few parts like motor mounts. What makes it even sweeter is that the engine/trans combos ship free to 48 states (sorry Alaska and Hawaii, we feel your pain though).

For a limited time, these packages, found here, are going to come with a rebate incentive. Click here to view the Connect and Cruise rebate form. So now you can get the engine and transmission package you want, and then get a little money back to put towards your suspension or fueling system (or whatever you want to spend it on, we’re not trying to tell you what to do).

Pace Performance also carries badging, fuel injection systems, interior parts, and tons of other goodies. Shop around and throw a few other things in your cart while you’re there, especially while they’re offering their rebate on a few other parts as well!

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