OSS Releases Engine Compartment Mounted EFI Fuel Sump Pump Systems

Ohio Speed Shops has released a line of engine compartment mounted fuel sump pump systems for increased performance. These kits are made to provide higher fuel pressure required for EFI cars that are currently equipped with low pressure fuel systems. The complete self-contained systems can easily be installed under the hood.

These kits are available in a selection of applications to support various levels of power to best meet your build’s needs. Learn more about about these kits from Ohio Speed Shop in the product release below.

Official Release:

These EFI Fuel Pump Sump Kits mount in your engine compartment and act as a remote fuel tank. Use your existing low pressure mechanical or electric fuel pump to supply fuel to the sump tank. These fuel sump systems save you time and money running new fuel lines to rear of vehicle and can be removed in a snap should you decide to go back to a carburetor.


  • Compact system mounts easily in engine bay
  • Provides extra pressure for EFI systems
  • Available to support different horsepower levels
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