Ohio Speed Shops Now Carrying LS ProForm Exhaust Port Covers

Your engine is a hard-earned investment that you shouldn’t be taking any chances with. Whether it’s in storage, at a show, or sitting in your garage waiting to be installed, it’s in danger. Everything from the elements, to intentional acts of sabotage could put your engine at risk if it’s not properly covered. However, there aren’t a lot of sleek bags or practical ways to cover your engine without causing more issues, or creating obstruction for transportation and/or installation. That’s when these exhaust port covers from ProForm are going to come in handy!

The ProForm Exhaust Port Covers are made from high-quality aluminum, and sleekly but safely cover your LS engine’s exhaust ports. They are perfect for anytime your headers/manifolds are off, and make transportation much less stressful. There is one cover for each side, which is a one-piece design plate with the ProForm logo on them. You can find them now through Ohio Speed Shops’ online store, learn more about them from their product release below.

Official Release:

Ohio Speed Shops LS ProForm Exhaust Port Covers Available Online Now!

Proform exhaust port covers are designed to help you protect your hard-earned investment safely at car shows, keeping children and inconsiderate adults from trying to trash your ride by slipping pennies and trash into your most prized possession. They are made of high-quality aluminum and have a Proform logo on each cover. Proform exhaust port covers are also great for when you’re transporting a motor and have an opening for your oil dipstick.

Includes 2 one piece exhaust port covers, fasteners not included.


  • Protects Engines From Moisture, Dust, and Dirt
  • One-Piece Design
  • Made From Aluminum
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Features ProForm Logo
  • Perfect to Use During Repairs, Storage, or Transportation
  • Available Through the Ohio Speed Shops Online Store

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