Mr. Gasket Greatly Expands Late Model GM Offerings

Mr. Gasket has had your back through many different builds and projects. Their catalog focuses on gaskets and small parts, as well as tools. Their latest additions to their line will have you covered with more applications than ever before and more tools to get the job done.

They are now carrying LT1 and LT4 header gaskets that can withstand high-performance applications. This will allow the LT engine owners to use the same kind of gaskets as the LS builders have been for a long time. In addition, they are also adding LS applications to their valley cover gaskets, water necks, timing cover, and more. Hand tools like Torque Angle Gauges, Digital Tread Depth Gauges, Alignment Tools, and Weatherproof Connector Kits are going to be your new garage inventory staples. Learn more about these products in the official release from Holley/MSD Mr. Gasket Below.

Official Release:

Mr. Gasket Releases Large Assortment of New Products

Holley is pleased to announce the release of new products from Mr. Gasket, including a torque-angle gauge, digital tread-depth gauge, weatherproof connector kit, LS timing cover and rear cover alignment tools, LS water necks, LS valley cover gaskets, and LT1/LT4 header gaskets.

Mr. Gasket Torque Angle Gauges are perfect for the torque-to-yield-style fasteners that are becoming increasingly popular on late-model vehicles. Compatible with 1/2-inch-drive ratchets and breaker bars, they torque fasteners to the desired angle in 2-degree increments anywhere from 0 to 360 degrees. These gauges feature an arm adjustable to two different lengths to accommodate numerous applications.

Mr. Gasket Digital Tread Depth Gauges are a fast, easy way to track tire wear on race cars, streetcars, tow vehicles, and trailers. Accurate to .0005” of an inch, they have a range from zero to 1”. They can be re-zeroed at any position, read in either inches or millimeters, and feature a large, easy-to-read LCD display and a manual on/off power switch for maximum battery life.

Mr. Gasket Weatherproof Connector Kits include an assortment of 14 connectors with one to four terminals per connector, crimp terminals, and seals perfect for 12-20 gauge wire. The huge 232-piece assortment includes five 1-pin connectors (male and female), three 2-pin connectors (male and female), four 3-pin connectors (male and female), two 4-pin square connectors (male and female), 120 crimp terminals (male and female), 80 seals, and a convenient see-through plastic case to organize and store them all.

Mr. Gasket LS Timing Cover and Rear Cover Alignment Tools eliminate annoying leaks at the front damper seal and rear main seal on LS engines. They also simplify seal installation and make it easy to ensure correct alignment to the centerline of the crank by centering the front or rear cover when it’s installed. Three distinct versions are available – one for the rear cover, one for timing covers with a seal, and one for timing covers without a seal.

Mr. Gasket’s popular line of LS Water Necks has been expanded to include four new models – straight with a black-anodized or polished-aluminum finish, and 30-degree-swivel with black-anodized or polished-aluminumfinish. Ideal for LS swaps, they fit 1-1/2-inch radiator hose, feature slotted mounting holes to fit all model years, and come complete with stainless steel fasteners for a hassle-free installation.

Mr. Gasket’s recently launched OEM-style gasket line for LS engines has been expanded to include two types of valley cover gaskets. One is for LS2/LS3/LS7/LSX engines with 11-bolt valley covers, the other for LS1/LS6applications with 10-bolt valley covers. Both are strengthened with an aluminum backer with silicone rubber for a leak-proof seal and years of trouble-free service.

Mr. Gasket’s MLS Header Gasket line has been updated to include 2014 and newer Gen-V LT1/LT4 applications. Developed to withstand the extreme cylinder pressures of high-horsepower, high-compression, nitrous, supercharged, and turbocharged applications, these multi-layer steel gaskets are a huge upgrade from ordinary two-layer OEM gaskets. Their inner and outer layer embossments act like springs that rebound under exhaust-flange clamp load, creating maximum force to seal extreme exhaust pressures.


  • New Products in the Mr. Gasket Line
  • LT/LT4 and LS Applications Added to Existing Parts Lines
  • Tools Added That Will Make Jobs Easier
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