This is Not a Test: Mid-Engine Corvette is a Go!

Photos Courtesy of GM Inside News and Chris Doane Automotive

It’s one of the most anticipated, most talked about, and most wildly speculated on vehicles in recent years, and it’s happening: the mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette. Chevy is still not going to put its cards on the table with the mid-engine design, but the recent batch of rumors and spy photos answer a lot of our questions. The car most people thought would never be made is now closer than ever to production.

In these pictures, the test mule looks a lot more ‘mid-enginey’ than photos we told you about earlier in the year. The current set of pictures actually look GM might be developing a new El Camino rather than a Corvette, but we know better. Under all those layers is the reason (we think) tours have been halted at the GM plant, and orders have been suspended as production on the 2018 models is slowed due to the Bowling Green plant makeover.

While it looks pretty different than any Corvette we’ve seen, it’s still recognizable as one, especially up front. The proportions to accommodate the relocated powertrain are responsible for the major overhaul in appearance. It also appears that GM moved the mirrors so they attach to the A-pillar, instead of on top of the door, and the wheels are different than other prototypes of the mid-engine design.

The suspension looks a little ‘off’, which could indicate anything as major as an AWD design, or just an Active Suspension system. Three different engine options are rumored to power the Corvette, including an LT2, LT6, and LT7 — one of which is said to be a hybrid. Parts of the body and platform may be made from SMC composition and carbon fiber. Another rumor is that there will be a fixed top, targa top, and full glass roof body style to choose from.

GM is definitely not going to start production on the mid-engine Corvette until they are sure of the design. They are pretty well-known for taking a painfully long time bringing new/special models to the market, so don’t expect any official word from them this year, or even the first half of next year. Rest assured though, this is happening.

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