MBM and Highway Stars Team Up For Powermaster V2.0

Jerry and Roberto Diaz, two turbo Buick brothers, brought both of their flawless rides for all to see.If you’re an ’80s Turbo Regal owner, then you know how “problematic” the original Powermaster system can be – if you don’t properly maintain it. Often referred to as the “Troublemaster” or “Problemaster” by even the least cynical gearhead, these OEM brake boosters are typically failing from those who fail to keep up with their regularly-scheduled brake fluid changes.

Back in the day, Buick dealerships were getting constant complaints from TR owners suffering from braking issues. As it turns out, many owners weren’t familiar with the Powermaster’s unique intricacies, and would often neglect regular maintenance and upkeep on their braking system – ultimately causing failure. Ultimately, General Motors ended up recalling the factory-installed Powermaster with a revised unit, but plenty of cars had slipped through the net.

Glenn Boiko, owner and founder of Highway Stars, knows these complaints all too well. Being a supplier and retailer of Buick Grand National, GNX, and T-Type restoration parts, his phone constantly rings from customers looking to replace their failed Powermaster with a Hydroboost system or an aftermarket brake booster.

The truth is, if you properly maintain your Powermaster, according to Glenn, it will prove to be a reliable system that you can rely on for years. Glenn doesn’t site the component itself, but rather, the car’s owners, as many Buick enthusiasts don’t change their brake fluid as often as they should.1985-1987_buick_grand_national_powermaster

Proof of this comes when they tell Glenn that they haven’t ever changed their Buick’s brake fluid since they’ve owned the vehicle – be it in three years or twenty. As a result, the rate of failure is high, and the Powermaster has become known as one of the least reliable components on the entire car.

With a huge need, comes a huge demand. That’s why Highway Stars partnered with one of the most well-known reproduction brake parts company in the industry, MBM Brake Boosters, to develop this piece especially for Turbo Buick owners. MBM supplies parts for most of the classic musclecars, and they’re officially licensed through General Motors.  Glenn at Highway Stars has stepped up to the plate, and will be providing all of the technical support for customers when this unit is released.

 Official Release:

New 1985-1987 Turbo Regal Powermaster

For over 30 years MBM has been manufacturing direct bolt-on disc brake kits and booster conversion kits for 100s of makes and models of vehicles. Although we started manufacturing GM Restoration products, our company has grown to bring you reproduction brake replacement parts for your Ford, Mopar, and 4×4 applications.mbm_logo_words_2014

The new 1985-1987 Buick Grand National Powermaster debuts this year at SEMA, and will be one of the most talked about innovations that MBM manufactures.

Up until our new reproduction Grand National booster was released, enthusiasts had to search for non-original conversion kits to replace their braking system. Replacement parts are available but often hard to find and usually come with a high price tag.

Our new Powermaster will not only allow customers to keep their Grand Nationals stock, but keep them on the road longer and give them the safe stopping power they need.


  • Affordably-priced
  • New and improved design
  •  Stock-appearing replacement
  • Technical support available through Highway Stars

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