MAX Performance Unveils Steering Wheel Trim for 2004-2006 GTO


We know you’re out there; hardcore 2004-2006 GTO enthusiast with an eye for detail. As much flack as you have received over the years from the haters regarding your “rebadged Holden,” you know that deep down, these are some of the best kept secrets rolling on the streets today.

You get it, we get it and companies like MAX Performance get it, too. That’s why they continue to release new trim, performance and cutting edge technology for the modern-day Pontiacs such as the Aussie-sourced GTO. After all, if we’re going to keep these cars on the road, we need to keep them looking a running their best.

Recently, MAX Performance had announced reproduction GTO steering wheel trim in three available varieties; stock silver, flat black and carbon fiber. They’ve provided us with some additional information below!

Official Release:

MAX Performance 2004-2006 GTO Steering Wheel Trim Kit

This is a four-piece abs plastic cover kit to replace your worn or peeling steering wheel pieces. Discontinued from GM, these are exact reproduction sets that now come in stock silver, flat black, and carbon fiber colors. These not only replace your broken, missing or worn factory pieces, but can now add a touch of class, style and overall attitude to your GTO’s already impressive interior cabin.

LMP1500: Stock Silver
LMP1500B: Flat Black
LMP1500F: Carbon Fiber (+$15.00)


  • Replaces your broken or missing trim pieces
  • Available in three different varieties
  • Easy to install and affordable, too
04-06 GTO Wheel Trim Kit
Part#: LMP1500/B/F
Avail.: In Stock!
Retail: $49.00/kt


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