Magnuson Heartbeat 2300 TVS Upgrade Now Available for 2014-2015 Full-Size Trucks and SUVs


Magnuson Superchargers have been busy cranking out Heartbeat TVS 2300 blowers for Camaros, Corvettes and the like for quite some time now, with high levels of success and increasing popularity. Thing is though, the 2300 had managed to skip of the truck department entirely, and was relegated to the smaller, but potent, 1900 version.

Thankfully, however, the engineers in the Maggie lab have been cranking away and have made a 2300 upgrade available for the 1.9L kit. As Magnuson states in the release below, it brings more power and more efficiency. Innovation at its finest!

Official Release:

TVS 2300 kits for new GM Trucks and SUVs
You asked, and we listened – 2.3L upgrades are now available for our 2014+ GM pickup and 2015+ SUVs (5.3L/L83 and 6.2L/L86 Direct Injection). Currently available as a tuner kit, the TVS 2300 is a $600 upgrade over our 1.9L system. Perfect if you’re building a high-horsepower combination or need future upgradability – a TVS 2300 will push as much, or more, air as a 2.9L screw-type blower and is less likely to heat soak. Contact our sales team at for or your local dealer for more information.


  • Increased power levels
  • Affordable upgrade
  • More efficient than others on the market

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