LTX Shootout: 2016 Dates Announced!


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The LTX Shootout Returns to Bowling Green, Kentucky for 2016!

Like the hungry prize fighter who refuses to stay down or the phoenix that just keeps coming back for more, the small community that is the GEN-II LTx following will return for 2016 with a vengeance in the form of the 2016 LTX Shootout!

Bringing with them some of the fastest LT1 and LT4 powered cars in the country this small but dedicated group of gearhead rebels, who refuse to join the dark side of the LS, prove that there is still a ton of potential left in the engine that birthed the OptiSpark! We visited the 2015 event over the summer and we were instantly reminded of the Golden Age of GM EFI equipped vehicles – and even more impressed by the elapsed times some of these cars were pulling!

We also dug the LTx-swpped vehicles, from the G-body Monte Carlos, Malibus and get this, even a Buick Grand National and Fox Body Mustang! If the LS-swapped Stangs aren’t a big enough slap in the face to the Blue Oval crowd, you have to ender what their thoughts would be seeing such a creation!

So when we heard that the LTX Shootout was back on again for 2016, we were quick to book our hotel! The event will be held on Saturday, September 3rd at Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Beech Bend Raceway Park and will host several different classes for various vehicle setups. If you’re an owner of a ’90s-era LT1 or LT4-powered Caprice, impala SS, Camaro, Firebird, Corvette or even a swapped vehicle, then you should book your reservations now and register for the event HERE. See you there!

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