LT1 F-body Junction Box Now Available Through Hawks


While many of us still consider the 4th-gen F-bodies to be a “late-model” vehicle, your author included, they’re now reaching an age where parts are breaking, falling apart and disintegrating. Being well over twenty years old will do that to cars, and they’re approaching an age where talks have moved from modifying to restoring these soon to be classic cars. The junction box being one of the parts that are needed by 80% of the ’93-97 F-body cars out there!

Hawks Third Generation now offer a replacement for the fragile junction box under the hood of your 1993-1997 LT1-equipped Camaro or Firebird. With many of the parts for these cars no longer available through the dealer, Hawks has stepped up with this OEM-level replacement.

Official Release:

Hawks Third Generation is proud to offer ’93-97 Camaro/Firebird LT1 V8 Junction Block Box

We are happy to announce the release of the ’93-97 Camaro & Firebird LT1 V8 Junction Block Box. These are reproductions of the original LT1 V8 Junction Block Box but with a more rigid hinge. Replace that broken eye-sore from your engine bay with this new junction block box.

Part # HT12186586 – 93-97 Camaro / Firebird LT1 V8 Junction Block Box Retail $14.95


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • OEM appearance
  • Improves look over broken/missing piece

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