New LIT E-Series LED Truck Lighting From Superchips

Superchips is best known for their innovation in the fields of performance, gauges, and world-class vehicle calibration solutions. Now, Superchips is applying their innovative development processes to a whole new field; they have just rolled out a line of lighting solutions for truck and Jeep customers. The all-new for 2018 LIT E-Series lineup of powerful LED products is a marriage of both value and function.

The LIT E-Series line offers powerful, durable, and highly-efficient LED products. These new lighting accessories are a great option for anyone looking for plug-and-play integration that includes an EAS Power Switch on the TrailDash and Trailcal monitors. These are available in two different styles, learn more about them in the official release from Superchips below.

Official Release:

Superchips New LIT-E Series

For years, Superchips has led the way with innovative performance solutions, on-dash gauges, and class-leading vehicle calibration. Now, Superchips will light the way for truck and Jeep customers with LIT. The LIT E-Series lineup of powerful LED products offers unmatched value and function. With powerful, high-efficiency, LEDs, extreme durability, and great looks, LIT is the perfect upgrade for your truck and Jeep customers.

The LIT-E series line is bringing a whole new option to the market with plug and play integration with the EAS Power Switch on the TrailDash and TrailCal monitors.

The LIT E-Series lineup is available in two styles:

  • LIT LEDs with all necessary wiring and standard rocker switch
  • LIT LEDs and all wiring with EAS Power Switch Bundle

The LIT LED and EAS Power Switch SKUs offer tremendous functionality and seamless integration with any TrailCal, TrailDash, or TrailDash2.

Review LIT-E Series SKUs and descriptions below:


  • Superchips’ New Lighting Line for Trucks and Jeeps
  • Plug-and-Play Integration for Trail Monitors
  • Available in Two Different Styles
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