Lava Motor Mount Shield Helps Prevent Motor Mount Damage

A lot of heat runs close to your motor mounts, which are only made of rubber or polyurethane at best, so damage is almost guaranteed. The new Lava Motor Mount Shield from Heatshield Products wrap around your motor mounts to offer heat protection. This is important for all models, especially high-performance V8 engines.

These shields prevent further damage from engine or exhaust heat, as well as exposure to chemicals. They easily install, and are made from an exclusive blend of volcanic rock-based material. Learn more about these Lave motor mount shields in the official release from Heatshield Products below.

Official Release:

Prevent Motor-Mount Damage and Premature Failure with a
 Lava Motor Mount Shield™ from Heatshield Products

When rubber or polyurethane motor mounts are exposed to excessive heat – for example, from exhaust headers running close to the engine mounts – they can degrade quickly and eventually fail, allowing excessive engine movement under acceleration. This could mean potential engine, body or drivetrain damage.

Lava Motor Mount Shield™ from Heatshield Products wrap around the motor mounts to provide protection from this heat. This is particularly important for late-model vehicles, which typically have engine mounts with a liquid core to help reduce vibrations transmitted from the engine through the mount then to the body.

Heatshield Products uses a proprietary volcanic rock-based material for its Lava Motor Mount Shield which makes it capable of withstanding 1,200 degrees F continuous heat and up to 2,000 degrees F intermittent heat. This material also makes them water, chemical and acid resistant. A built-in high-temperature hook-and-loop fastening system allows for easy installation, even with the engine in place and bolted to the mounts.

Heatshield Products has engineered and manufactured heat-barrier products for more than 30 years, serving the performance and racing industry with the highest quality products at competitive prices. The company is family owned and operated, and is proud to make its products in the USA.

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• Protects rubber, polyurethane and polygraphite engine mounts from heat and chemical exposure
• High-temp hook-and loop-fastening system makes installation easy, even with the engine in place
• Universal design fits virtually any motor mount size and shape
• Made in the USA

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