The Latest Bumblebee Camaro Has Been Leaked!


When the first Michael bay-directed Transformers film dropped in 2007, we were all in awe over the Concept Camaro that starred in the film, dressed up and decked out in yellow-orange paint with black rally stripes. Playing the role as Bumblebee, one of the Autobots that had to defend the good people of Earth, and working alongside Optimus Prime (Peterbilt 379), Jazz (Pontiac Solstice), Ironside (GMC Topkick) and Ratchet (Hummer H2 search and rescue ambulance), the film was largely an ’80s cartoon come to life — doubling as a rolling ad for GM’s then-latest vehicles. In this case, Bumblebee had replaced the original VW Beetle in the comics and cartoons and evolved into an iconic pony car for a new generation of fans.

There have been three sequels since that time, with a fourth on the way that’ll be in theaters next summer called, Transformers: The Final Knight. As characters (and vehicles) come and go throughout the series, there has always remained one constant; the main human character’s vehicle, the Chevy Camaro as the role of Bumblebee. Initially a ratty ’76 that transforms into the aforementioned Camaro concept, Bumblebee has taken on various forms of Camaros throughout the current four-film franchise, with the next film taking a production 2016 Camaro the next level.

While details of the new car are almost nil, the franchise’s director has leaked the lone image above over the weekend, depicting what the next incarnation of Bumblebee will look like. Time will only tell if this example will be an upcoming limited edition model like we’ve seen in earlier years, but it’s certainly impressive, nonetheless.

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