KBS Fusion FPP Flexible Plastics Primer Provides a Tight Bond


If you’re in the process of repairing or repainting a plastic/urethane bumper or trim piece on your vehicle, you know how tedious it can be Or, you’re about to. While there are plenty of rattle-can products out there that will simply primer or paint plastic or fiberglass components intended for automotive applications, none of them are really engineered for those flexible, bendable, soft urethane bumpers and the like. Until now.

KBS Coatings have just announced their latest product; the Flexible Plastics Primer (FPP) for plastic, urethane, fiberglass and even carbon fiber.

Official Release:

KBS Fusion FPP Flexible Plastics Primer Provides a Tight Bond

KBS Coatings offers KBS Fusion FPP – Flexible Plastics Primer (FPP) for promoting a tight bond between difficult to paint flexible surfaces and most varieties of top coats. The aerosol primer is ideal for plastics, urethanes, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

KBS Fusion FPP coats fast and easy to provide a strong yet flexible base coat that moves with the surface without flaking, peeling, or cracking. The gray primer has a fast dry time and allows film thickness to be built quickly.

A single light coat is usually all that is required. However, additional coats can be applied as needed to fill in small surface imperfections. KBS Fusion FPP can be block sanded after 30 minutes dry time and top coated after one hour. For more information go to KBS Fusion FPP – Flexible Plastics Primer – Aerosol Can (kbs-coatings.com) or call (888) 531-4527.


  • Fast dry time
  • Will not flake or peel
  • Can be block sanded (after 30 minutes)
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