iNTECH Releases 2009-13 LS9 Corvette Cold Air Intakes & Carbon Fiber Covers

Holley has recently launched their iNTECH cold-air intake brand to a level that has taken many of their contemporaries by surprise. iNTECH offers a high-quality option for enthusiasts looking for results, and an easy-to-install induction solution for their performance vehicles.

Corvette owners are no different, and Holley has just announced composite and carbon fiber intake kits for C6 Corvettes packing LS3 and LS9 powerplants. Looking to pass along this info to our readers, Holley has supplied us with their official release on these  cold-air kits, to provide additional insight.

Official Release:

iNTECH Releases 2009-13 LS9 Corvette Cold Air Intakes & Carbon Fiber Covers

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the expansion of its iNTECH Cold Air Intakes line and the release of iNTECH’s all-new Cold Air Intake Covers. The cold air intakes are designed specifically for 6.2L LS9-powered 2009-13 C6 Corvettes, and two different covers are available for C6 Corvettes – one for 2008-13 Corvettes with LS3 engines and one for 2009-13 Corvettes with LS9s.


iNTECH 2009-13 LS9 Corvette Cold Air Intakes provide 30 additional horsepower and more than 26 pound-feet of extra torque at the rear wheels. Their dual-filter “Hammerhead” intake tube delivers maximum air flow and velocity, positioning the filters closer to the intake vents, and the washable, reusable high-flow four-layer dry-air filter eliminates the need for filter oils that can inadvertently set off “Check Engine” signals and damage MAF sensors.

A high-quality silicone Bellows-style coupler at the throttle-body connection allows the use of nitrous plates or throttle-body spacers without modifying the tube, and the air-filter media features an inner and outer aluminum mesh that prevents rust and filter deformation. The entire look of iNTECH Cold Air Intakes is styled to match the rest of the engine compartment for an efficient, stealthy package, and stock mounting locations and emission controls ensure a fast, easy installation.


iNTECH C6 Corvette Cold Air Intake Covers come in two versions – one for 2008-13 Corvettes with LS3 engines and one for 2009-13 Corvettes with LS9s. Both are a fast, easy way to upgrade from vacuum-formed ABS plastic covers from the factory and both are made entirely of high-grade carbon fiber for the ultimate in weight savings and race-proven durability.

CAD-designed and precision-trimmed for perfect fitment, they protect filters from debris and excess heat from the engine bay.For complete product details, click the following links:
LS9 Cold Air Intake

LS3 Cold Air Intake Cover

LS9 Cold Air Intake Cover

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