HP Tuners Announces 3.3 Beta for 2017 Vehicles


HP Tuners has recently announced 3.3 Beta for 2017 GM vehicles, as a result of some ECU programming changes for the new model year. Wanting to stay on top of the needs of vehicle owners worldwide, HP Tuners have issued the release just a few weeks ago. Learn more from the official statement below.

Official Release:

HP Tuners is Pleased to Announce Support for the 2017 GM Vehicles in Version 3.3 Beta!

Unfortunately there were some changes introduced by the manufacturer this year which makes the licensing and tuning process much more difficult than previous years.

The following process is necessary for tuning 2017 GM vehicles at this time:
Step 1: Email support with your MPVI serial number and request access to 3.3 Beta
Step 2: After downloading and installing the latest 3.3 Beta update. Please gather a VCM Suite Infolog (using VCM Suite 3.3) and email it to support.
Step 3: Within 1-2 business days, you will be notified by support when your vehicle is supported and can be tuned.
Step 4: Make sure you are connected to the internet for the first time you are tuning a 2017 GM vehicle.1

1This is required only for the first time you are tuning a specific vehicle using a specific PC. Other instances where you will need an internet connection include:

  • Tuning a different 2017 GM Vehicle
  • Using a different PC to tune the same 2017 GM vehicle you have already tuned before

A few more important notes about 2017 GM Tuning:

  • The above process will change slightly within the next month. We will post new instructions at that time.
  • Vehicle licensing cost for 2017 is 6 credits per vehicle, due to the added complexity.2
  • E92/E78/E80 ECMs are currently supported and T43/T76 TCMs are supported.
  • E82 ECM support is in development and will be available shortly.
  • T87 (8 speed) TCM support is uncertain at this time but we are looking into a possible solution.

Please email Support if you have any questions.

2 HP Tuners reserves the right to change this at any time. Thanks!

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