Holley Makes Setting Up Your T-56 Clutch A Breeze!

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The TREMEC T-56 has been pretty much synonymous with the 4th-generation Camaro/Firebird, and are a favorite among drag racers, road racers and even the weekend enthusiast. That’s not to say that there aren’t any weak links in the system, and with this cars at the 18-22 year old mark, many of these components associated with these cars are failing, or have failed.
Understanding this, Holley has stepped up to the plate to offer a range of products to improve the efficiency and performance of our favorite gearbox. Learn the details below.

Official Release:

Holley Makes Setting Up Your T-56 Clutch A Breeze!

Holley is pleased to announce the release of five new products for hydraulic clutch assemblies in T-56 transmission applications. Their upgraded design of the ’98-’02 Camaro/Firebird master cylinder ensures that your pedal throw will be consistent and not exhibit any dreaded binding. A reservoir for the new master cylinder has also been designed, making it a perfect OE replacement. Finally, their new slave cylinder uses factory connections and is a great option when upgrading/replacing the clutch in your T-56 transmission.

Replacement hydraulic clutch master cylinder reservoir for 1998-2002 Camaro/Firebird that GM offers as part of their # 12570277 master cylinder kit. Featuring a polymer reservoir with cap and integrated line, this is a perfect OE replacement part for your F-body.

Holley Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder for 1998-2002 Camaro and Firebird

Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder for 1998-2002 Camaro and Firebird

Holley has created their own upgraded design of 1998-2002 Camaro/Firebird master cylinder to make the inconsistencies a thing of the past. A completely new aluminum housing has been built with the correct mounting angle for your floorboards. Inside that housing is a stainless steel cylinder bore sleeve that holds the tight tolerances needed for consistent fluid volume and pressure every time you push the clutch in.

The pedal shaft is fully adjustable with a spherical rod end to ensure no binding during the pedal travel. The mounting hardware and detailed instructions are included.

NOTE: Can reuse OE high pressure line or Earls adapter to AN (LS641002ERL for 90 degree or LS641001ERL for straight -4)

This 24″ high flow line is a direct replacement for the factory line and allows for both increased fluid capacity and improve clutch pedal feel. This is achieved via the stainless steel construction of the line which minimizes expansion and contraction of fluid within the line in contrast to with most factory style plastic/polymer lines. To make installation a snap, a roll pin and o-ring are included.
During every clutch upgrade with a T56 transmission, you should measure to see if a shim is necessary for proper installation and engagement. The aluminum shims are provided individually in three thicknesses – .059, .119, and .197 inch. They are also available in a kit Holley Part # 319-204 that includes one of each thickness.
Holley’s new clutch slave cylinder for LS1 & LS6 F-body (1998-2002 Camaro/Firebird) features an aluminum construction and a black powdercoat finish to prevent corrosion. Factory connections are used for an easy installation and a hydraulic line disconnect tool is included in the package.
NOTE: This clutch slave cylinder can also be used for 2004-2006 GTO, but requires that you retain your OE fittings and install onto this unit.)
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