Holley Announces Retro-Fit Power Steering for LT4/LT5 Swaps


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Holley Announces Retro-Fit Power Steering for LT4/LT5!

Holley is pleased to announce their new retro-fit hydraulic power steering kits for factory supercharged GM LT4/LT5 engines! These kits allow gearheads to more easily install these engines in popular nostalgic chassis by converting the factory electric power steering over to a traditional hydraulic, belt-driven system. Read on to learn more!


Holley has announced their new retro-fit hydraulic power steering kits for GM LT4/LT5 engines! The design incorporates a splined dual bearing system that eliminates belt stresses on the power steering pump’s internal bearings, assuring long life. The kits utilize an OE type II power steering pump to ensure durability and help maintain factory pulley ratios.

The supercharger drive maintains the original and optimized belt path and tensioner and is compatible with up to 15% overdrive crank pulleys! Included with each power steering system is a throttle body adapter for swap applications that is engineered to aid in intake plumbing.

Versions of the power steering drives are available for LT4/5 dry-sump & LT4 wet-sump applications in both black and natural finishes.For more information on these products and a complete array of savable high-resolution photos, click the links below.

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