Hedman Hedders’ Large Runner Mid-Length Header for 1982-2004 Chevy S10


Small Block Swapped S10

For as long as the Chevy S10/GMC S15/Sonoma has been roaming the Earth, hot-rodders have been swapping small-block Chevy V8s into them for more power, more grunt and a much-needed shot of adrenaline. Being a small, lightweight rear-wheel drive truck with an engine bay large enough for a proper powerplant, bringing the two together is a match made in Hevean. In that time, everything form the the lowly 305 to 383 cubic-inch strokers have motivated these miniature pickups since the early-80s, and even as these trucks continue to age their popularity remains strong.

Although many enthusiasts have elected to gravitate to the LS-series V8s as of late, there are still those looking to stick with a carbureted or EFI-equipped GEN-I small-block for their V8 S10. Hedman Hedders recognizes this fact and have just announced a new large runner mid-length header kit for small-block swapped 1982-2004 S-Dimes. Learn more in the official release from Hedman below!

Official Release:

Hedman Hedders announces new large runner mid-length header for its popular 1982-2004 Chevy S10 and Blazer small block swap line.

Whittier, Calif.  – When GM originally designed the S10 and the Blazer, they could never have imagined that its diminutive little truck and SUV would become a favorite among performance and racing enthusiasts. Thanks to parts from the Hedman Performance Group, these trucks have been able to realize their true potential through the installation of Chevrolet’s venerable small block. Now, with the introduction of Hedman Hedders’ new 1 3/4-inch diameter, mid-length headers, S10 V8 fans can finally get the most out of their truck’s heavily modified small block.

Hedman’s new, larger tube headers for small block-swapped 1982-2004 (2WD only) Chevrolet and GMC S10/S15s, Chevrolet Blazers, and GMC Jimmies are created with power and efficiency in mind. The large 1 3/4-inch runners are engineered to maximize exhaust flow for higher horsepower naturally aspirated, supercharged, and nitrous-fed small blocks and the low-profile, mid-length header design delivers the added power without compromising ground clearance. They are manufactured with sturdy 16-gauge mandrel bent primaries, bullet-proof 3/8-inch flanges, and a three-inch collector with three-bolt, gasket-style flange.

The Hedman S10 V8 large runner mid-length headers are available uncoated (Part# 69560) and in Hedman’s HTC high-temperature silver ceramic coating (Part# 69566) that provides a long lasting bright finish that works to keep more heat in the header tubes for faster exhaust speeds and lower under hood temperatures. These headers are also available in Hedman’s new Black Maxx flat black ceramic metallic coating (Part# 69563) which offers all of the thermal protection of the original HTC coating in a stealthier package. Mounting hardware, instructions and gaskets are all included for an easy installation.

All Hedman Hedders are manufactured in the U.S.A., and confidently backed by a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. Hedman’s HTC Silver and Black Maxx coatings are warrantied for five (5) full years. For more information, call (562) 921-0404, visit www.Hedman.com or email gearheads@hedman.com.


  • Engineered to maximize exhaust flow
  • Doesn’t effect ground clearance
  • Perfect for naturally-aspirated, supercharged and nitrous-fed SBC
  • Available uncoated, HTC high-temp ceramic coating or in Black Maxx flat black ceramic metallic coating
  • Manufactured with sturdy 16-gauge mandrel bent primaries, bullet-proof 3/8-inch flanges, and a three-inch collector with three-bolt, gasket-style flange
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