Heavy Duty Rear Motor Brace From RJC

RJC RacingĀ has been producing a hugeĀ line of turbo Buick hardware for quite a long time. The company’s owner/founder, Jason Cramer, has pretty much anything the serious Buick Grand National and T-Type Regal owner would need to transform his or herĀ boosted G-body into a 12-, 11-, 10-, 9-, or even 8-second car.

He recently launched a heavy-duty version of his popular Rear Motor Brace for LC2-equipped Buicks. Check out the official description from RJC below, or head over to the RJC Racing site directly, here.


This is RJC’s latest offering, the Heavy-Duty version of the Rear Motor Brace that keeps the engine in place on hard launches. This brace will support those cars making up to 1,000 hp, and won’t crack, bend, or break!

Official Release:

This is a new take on a great idea from RJC Racing. This will keep the motor in place on those hard launches. Everyone knows how much these motors move around with the stock motor mounts. The original remedy was to put a tie-down strap on the alternator bracket to try and tame the engine rotation a little. This is totally inadequate, and a very poor way of controlling the motor.

Then, we released our original rear engine brace bracket several years ago. It Ā eliminated harmful rotational stress on the motor, and transferred that energy where it is supposed to go. It was a great design, but it still had its imitations.

Now, there’s a new way. We’ve just releasedĀ an HD version that is made from 1/4-inch thick steel, that will not bend, break or crack for super-high horsepower applications.Ā They simply work great, and can support those engines with up to 1,000 hp. Above shows a picture of how they are mounted. 100% bolt on, no drilling required.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable insurance against rotational stress
  • Designed and manufactured by a turbo Buick expert
  • HD version able to withstand the stress of 1,000 HP applications
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