Hawks Third-Gen Rebranded Hawks Motorsports


As a leading online publication, and one of the only outlets that’s solely dedicated to the tuning of late-model GM vehicles, we work with just about all of the “big-name” shops in the country, including those that specialize in restoration and modifying late-model GM vehicles.  To name one in particular, Haws Third-Gen immediately comes to mind.

Hawks Third-Gen Parts has recently undergone a branding makeover, thanks largely to the fact that they have been offering performance and replacement parts for not only ’82-92 GM F-bodies, but most late-model performance cars such as CTS-V, GTO, G8, Corvette, 5th-gen Camaro, and of course, 4th-gen F-bodies. We’ve utilized a lot of their products for our project vehicles over the years, and we’ll continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Now that they’ve expanded their business into a fully-fledged performance shop; complete with a paint room, engine room, chassis dyno, part install capabilities and so much more — it certainly became time to update their name as well as their branding. Henceforth, Hawks Third-Gen has been rechristened as Hawks Motorsports, and you’ll be seeing much more about them and what they do in the coming months.

It should be said that their rebranding also comes with a new facility, with a mass expansion that we’ll be taking a look at firsthand this summer, so we’ll be sure to update you on that and include plenty of photos! In the meantime, check out this interview we did with Hawks founder, Bruce Hawkins, not too long ago!

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